Rain and Sun Worship

Worshipping the rain and the sun appears to have been a major part of “ancient” and supposedly “pagan” religions.  See Wikipedia’s “Solar Deity”, for example

But according to  modern science – and modern religions like Christianity for example – rain and sun worship is just primitive superstition.

Unfortunately, this just ain’t so.  Rain and sun worship is not only plain common sense – but rock-solid science too.  Because it’s the rain and the sun that create and sustain life.

With no rain, one has a drought.  Crops die, and then the animals too.  And unless the rain resumes, all plant and animal life eventually dies – and you end-up up with a barren wasteland like the Sahara.

The Sun too, is also essential for life.  There is no sun in a cave.  And there is very little if any plant and animal life in a cave either.  The darkness that falls every night is thus the killer of life.  And the Sun, that rises from the dead every morning (to do battle with the forces of darkness), is essential for life too.

Thus, the ancients are 100% correct.  It’s the rain, falling from the sky (or the “heavens”) – and the sun that lives in the sky/”heavens” – that create and sustain life on earth (or at least, the human, plant and animal life which most of us are mainly concerned).

As man became more “civilised”, the simple observation that the rain and the sun effectively create and maintain life on earth evolved into organised religion.

The sun became various Sun Gods to be worshipped.

And the rain, without which the crops and plant life would perish, turned into a male God of some kind.  Whoose sperm – the rain – fell upon Mother Earth to bring forth the crops on which (animal and human) life depends.

And in Christian religion, the Sun God – who every morning rose from the dead to do battle with the forces of darkness – evolved into the Son of God.  Who apparently rose from the dead at Easter some 2000 years ago – to “save us”.

So are humans today smarter than the cave men who simply observed that life on planet earth was effectively created and maintained by the rain and the sun?

Or are humans today more stupid than cave men?  Believing the elaborate fantasies that a simple appreciation of the importance of the rain and the sun have evolved into – and having almost completely forgotten the original message?